× dni if you fit gen criteria (are a bigot). atf if white, an adult, kin from genshin impact or undertale, like dr or mcyt. if you've been hbed/sbed you can ask why.

× my biggest interest ever is pokemon (games + pokespe) i also like genshin impact (na ar34) and cookie run (crob + crk) i also like undertale fnaf and dhmis

× i have severe memory issues. i have a blacklist but i dont want it public, dm for it. if you know it pls tag things (catchall is 'kdl') tell me if you read this far ^__^ <3

× siblings r linus and tommy. ⅛ milfpit, ⅓ gsa, ¼ dirt club. code used for name, cursor trail, title, music player. anyone can ask for code help including nonmuts